Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (2024)

Come one, come all to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Diablo IV, and the 2-year anniversary of Diablo Immortal! Share in a goblin’s heap of rewards to mark another year of malevolence across Sanctuary.

Enjoy the revelry with a bounty of devilish goods to sink your teeth into across Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal. Thank you for being a part of the Diablo community through another year of fighting back the demonic forces of Hell.

For a handy reference of all our March of the Goblins anniversary celebrations, here’s all our events:

Diablo IV: March of the GoblinsPart 1March of the GoblinsJune 6-13
Free Gifts in the ShopJune 6-12, claim until June 20
Part 2Mother’s Blessing June 6 until June 20
Diablo Immortal: March of the GoblinsFree 5-Star Legendary Gem GiftJune 13, claim until June 20
Goblin’s PlunderJune 6-20
Gold-Cursed GoliathJune 6-18
March of the GoblinsJune 6-13
Trial of Plunder
Anniversary Bard


March of the Goblins: Diablo IV Anniversary Celebrations

March of the Goblins: Diablo Immortal Annversary Celebrations

March of the Goblins: Diablo IV Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (1)

To kick off celebrations for Diablo IV, claim a free cosmetic gift from the Shop from June 6–June 12. Fear not, for you will have until June 20 to claim all of these gifts.

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (2)

But there’s more than just free gifts! The Anniversary Celebrations for Diablo IV include multiple ways to increase your treasures pleasure.

Part 1—March of the Goblins

There are whispers of increased Treasure Goblins in the area. They’ve been worked into a fervor, because it seems they’re hoarding and dropping even more than usual!

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (3)

From June 6–June 13, increased Treasure Goblin activity will be present across Sanctuary, with Horadric scholars foretelling the contents of their greed filled bags rumored to be richer than ever before. The townsfolks are predicting that greed shrines will appear with increased frequency, bolstering the riches of these shrewd goblins. Even stranger still, while in Dungeons, Goblins are supposedly appearing in pairs… with some tall tales insisting an even larger pack of them together.

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (4)

Part 2— Mother’s Blessing June 6-June 20

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (5)

For the second part of the Diablo anniversary, our blessed Mother celebrates one year since her fateful return to Sanctuary! During this anniversary edition of Mother’s Blessing, earn Experience at 25% and Gold at a 50% (multiplicative) increased rate. This Anniversary celebration of Mother’s Blessing will last through June 20!

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (6)

Lilith blesses all her children, as this bonus applies to both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and all World Tiers. This bonus also stacks, so pair it with Elixirs and the Urn of Aggression to maximize your experience gains while killing Monsters. Use this limited-time boost to carve through ranks of the Battle Pass, climb to higher Levels and World Tiers with burning swiftness, complete your Season Journey, and level multiple characters to their maximum potential.

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March of the Goblins: Anniversary Celebrations in Diablo Immortal

It’s a hell of a time to celebrate our anniversary, wanderer.

On June 6—June 20, 3 a.m. local server time, enjoy the merriment as Diablo Immortal turns two! Thank you for sharing this journey with us through these two years, and for all the journeys still to come.

Something strange within Sanctuary stirs. Horadric mages have been studying portals that seem to open time and space itself, with unforeseen threats terrorizing the townsfolk….

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (7)

Visit our in-game Anniversary Hub for all the details and join the festivities of this most sinister occasion.

During our anniversary celebrations, you will be able to loot treasure in the Trial of Plunder and fight the infamous Avarice from Diablo IV in the Gold-Cursed Goliath boss fight.

Log-in during our jubilations to claim an illustrious Cycle’s Passing Frame Avatar cosmetic, available to claim at any time during the anniversary celebrations.

March of the Goblins

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (8)

Across Sanctuary, Treasure Goblins have become restless, multiplying and dashing with overflowing bags of riches. From June 6–June 20, 3 a.m. server time, earn untold riches by slaying these gilded gremlins.

Joining in the anniversary events counts towards completing weekly tasks. Complete them to earn crafting materials, gold, Legendary items, the Glorious Dawn Portal Cosmetic and Battle Pass progression. Anniversary Events will also earn you the Glorious Dawn Portal Cosmetic and Special Anniversary Avatar Frame, both of which are only available to earn during the Anniversary!

Completing enough tasks grants you the following rewards:

  • 3 tasks – 3 bound Legendary Crests
  • 9 tasks – 1 Rare Gem and a Familiar Contract
  • 15 tasks – 7 Rare Crests and the Glorious Dawn Portal

5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem Gift

Celebrations of the highest order are arranged for this 2 year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a new Legendary Gem, shrouded in mystery and foretold to be introduced in our next major update. Starting on June 13—June 20, claim a mysterious brand new Quality 2, 5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem as a gift to celebrate the anniversary of Diablo Immortal.

This illustrious gem is yours to claim until June 20!

Gold-Cursed Goliath

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (9)

The fearsome Avarice the Gold Cursed from Diablo IV has entered the fray! Wielding a massive mallet and crushing gold-filled chest, Avarice will destroy anyone foolish enough to try and steal his riches. Every move Avarice makes is powerful and devastating. Avoid sweeping blows and steer clear of rocks launched from afar, which explode in a pool of vomit that will slow your movement. Defeating Avarice for the first time that day will grant 1 Legendary item, and has a chance to drop normal Gems.

The Gold-Cursed will not be easily felled in his rampage. Competing in the Trial of Plunder has a chance to earn you a Gold-Cursed Portal, which can be used to summon a portal that teleports you to Avarice immediately. There is also a chance to encounter a Gold-Cursed Portal randomly in the wild, teleporting you directly to slay this greedy behemoth.

Trial of Plunder

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (10)

In this augmented version of Trial of the Hordes, culling demons from Hell with steadfast dedication has become more chaotic – treasure goblins now randomly appear throughout your match dropping their treasures! Treasure goblins will count as typical monster kills, so chase down these greedy fiends and slay them to emerge victorious.

Goblin’s Plunder

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (11)

Quicker than a Khazra fleeces a sheep, untold riches shower upon the land with untold fervor. From June 6–June 13, 3 a.m. local server time, for the first time ever this is running for a full 36 hours, where you will get 200% of the rewards on the following gameplay:

  • Horadric Bestiary
  • Helliquary Raids
  • Challenge Rifts
  • Bounties
  • Elder Rifts
  • Fishing
  • Castle Cyrangar
  • Monster Kills
  • Battle Pass points from Codex Tasks

Note that the buff will be active for 36 hours of game time, it is only active when you are online!

Additionally, in Goblin’s Plunder you will have the chance to activate two Mirrored Jewels available when running Elder Rifts which earns you double the Legendary Gems, twice! If you toggle Mirrored Jewels before you begin an Elder Rift run, for just that run, every Legendary Gem you receive as a reward will be accompanied by an additional random Legendary Gem of the same type and random quality. The probability of receiving Legendary Gems from Elder Rifts remains the same and we encourage players to activate Mirrored Jewels on runs using 10 Legendary Crests so they can maximize their chances.

Claim your doubled rewards from the event tab. Note that the availability windows for Goblin’s Plunder will vary between CN and ROW servers.

Anniversary Bard Celebrations

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (12)

A celebration of the ages is not complete without a song to mark the occasion. From June 6–June 20, Bard contract owners will be able to summon their mellifluous companion to fill the air with a joyful tune. Check your inbox messages if you are unable to find your trusty musician.

For the townsfolk of Westmarch, there will also be a Bard playing music at scattered locations within the town; join the crowd there to bask in the joyous song.

Prophet’s Progeny Phantom Market

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (13)

The angels of the High Heavens, hear your cries – and judge them accordingly. Soar on ethereal wings with our newest Phantom Market from June 13, 3 a.m.—July 11, 2024, at 3 a.m. server time. Vestments befitting only the Angel Inarius have arrived in Diablo Immortal! This Phantom Market provides the most illuminating armor for your bespectacled adventurer.

The Cosmetic set includes heavenly wings which are affected by the power of your Resonance level.

Leave your enemies in a trail of ethereal light using the Prophet’s Progeny Kill Streak visual effect and illuminate your character with the Prophet’s Progeny Aura. Both cosmetic effects will be yours upon acquiring the Prophet's Progeny Cosmetic Set and can be worn with other Cosmetics. Both the illustrious visual effect and Aura will be usable for 30 days after you initially acquire them. Future Phantom Markets will come with new Ephemeral Treasures, so keep an eye out for those bonuses.

Considering items from the Phantom Market are acquired randomly per draw, we want to provide the initial draw rates for each item to aid in deciding if you would like to engage with the event past your first free draw.

Note: The drop rates provided below are for the first draw only and will adjust to reflect the relative probabilities of the remaining items in the Phantom Market item pool.

  • I'm okay Emoji: 60.00%
  • Shardwarped Savior Spectral Armor Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Shardwarped Savior Abyssal Armor Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Portal: 3.16%
  • Walking Nightmare Emerald Armor Cosmetic: 1.77%
  • Shardwarped Savior Abyssal Weapon Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Shardwarped Savior Spectral Weapon Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Walking Nightmare Emerald Armor Cosmetic: 0.76%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Ultimate: 0.63%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Cosmetic Set: 0.13%

For more information about how the Phantom Market functions, visit this article.

Thank you for being a part of our Diablo Community. Sanctuary burns brighter with you as a part of it.
−The Diablo Team

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Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins (2024)


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