Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight: Date, UK time, undercard and TV stream; YouTube star Jake Paul is finally set to go head-to-head with ex-Love Island star Tommy Fury in the boxing ring at the third attempt, with the fight set to take place in Saudi Arabia. (2024)

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Byline: By, Ben Davies

Jake Paul is set to finally do battle with bitter rival Tommy Fury in a Saudi Arabia grudge fight.

YouTube star Paul has won the first six professional fights of his boxing career against the likes of Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley but he will face his biggest test yet against natural boxer Fury. The British star has also won his first eight fights against limited opposition, but comes from a family with a big name in boxing which includes his WBC heavyweight champion brother Tyson.

There will be huge pressure on both men to deliver a win for different reasons, with Paul set to receive an official ranking if he picks up the win while Fury will want to avoid an embarrassing loss derailing his career.

Here is all you need to know ahead of the huge battle....

When is Jake Paul v Tommy Fury and what time will it start in the UK

Paul's bumper showdown with Fury takes place on Sunday February 26 in Saudi Arabia. The huge fight will follow after a mega night of action in Riyadh with a huge world title fight set to headline a stacked undercard. Action is expected to get underway at 7pm on the night with viewers able to tune in to see the likes of Badou Jack lace up his gloves. Main event ring walks are then expected at around 9:45pm in the UK with the action set to unfold at around 10pm depending on the duration of the prior bouts.

How to watch Paul v Fury via TV and live stream

Paul v Fury will be available for customers in the UK as a BT Sport Box Office exclusive with viewers required to pay a one-off fee at a price point of £19.99 to watch the fights. T Sport Box Office is on Sky channel 490, BT channel 494, and in the live events menu on Virgin Media packages. The event can also be purchased here and be streamed via laptop and mobile devices via their app and website.

In the US, customers can see the action live on ESPN+ pay-per-view here, providing a one-off fee of $49.99 is forked out to see the pair touch gloves. The action has also been made available to watch on DAZN and FITE TV in selected global territories with information available on their respective websites.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury full card

Main Event: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

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Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Janos Penzes

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Paul 8/13

Fury 13/10

Draw 15/1

Who do you think will win -Jake Paul or Tommy Fury Let us know in the comments section below

Quotes corner

Paul: "Me and Tommy will be around three rounds max," Paul said. "He's just not going to be prepared for the moment or what I'm bringing to the table. I'm trying to knock him out with a hook actually, I want him to be the first person I knock out with my left hand so we've been working on that... I think the first round will be chill and then I'll start to figure him out after 30-45 seconds.

"Then the second round I'll turn it up and it shouldn't take much more than that. Tommy should get a good wealth manager, I can recommend you a few, take the money and ride off into the sunset but this is going to set your life in the direction that you should have been on before and you're going to hate this fing sport after February 26."

Fury: "Things have got in the way the previous two times," Fury said. "Things well out of my control. A broke rib and everything else that was wrong with the first fight. The second fight, denied entry into the U.S. Third fight, here we are. Three times is a charm and we're seeing that.

"We're two weeks out. I'm ripped, I'm ready, I'm fit, I'm strong and I've got more in the tank than what it takes to beat Jake Paul. Don't worry about that. I'm not interested in press conferences. I'm interested in completing my camp, which has been the best camp of my career and I'm ready to KO this man and get him out of the sport."

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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight: Date, UK time, undercard and TV stream; YouTube star Jake Paul is finally set to go head-to-head with ex-Love Island star Tommy Fury in the boxing ring at the third attempt, with the fight set to take place in Saudi Arabia. (2024)


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