TV Schedule for CW (KSKN) Spokane, WA (2024)

Thursday, June 20th TV listings for CW (KSKN) Spokane, WA
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Bob's Burgers Eggs for Days

After the Belcher parents have a little too much fun hiding Easter eggs, the entire family gets enlisted to find the lone egg quickly rotting in its hiding place.

Bob's Burgers Bob Actually

As Valentine's Day approaches, the kids find themselves in love-caused chaos; Bob decides on a romantic gesture to impress Linda.

Dateline What Happened to Amy?

Ohio investigators search for answers in the decades-old murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic; a retracing of Amy's steps from the day of the kidnapping.

Up With KREM

Local and regional news coverage.

Up With KREM

Local and regional news coverage.

Up With KREM

Local and regional news coverage.

The People's Court

"Daycare Disaster."

Judge Mathis

A woman sues her son and daughter-in-law for repayment of a loan and airline tickets, saying their relationship is toxic and that her son gave up custody of his child to stay with his wife.

Pictionary California Dreamin'

The TV version of the classic game featuring celebrity captains Raven-Symoné ("That's So Raven") and Gabrielle Ruiz ("Crazy Ex-Girlfriend").

Person, Place or Thing Green With Envy

A modern take on the age-old game of 20 Questions intersperses comedy with common knowledge; host People's Choice Award winner Melissa Peterman.

KREM 2 News at Noon New

Weekend news coverage.

Daily Blast Live New

Keith Papini tells of discovering that his wife's 2016 kidnapping was a hoax; chef Andrew Zimmern (PBS docuseries "Hope in the Water").

Maury Did My Man Have a Secret Love Child With Our Neighbor?

Kenneth thinks the test results for Neonna's baby are fake; Mary thinks her boyfriend, Skipp, had a child with a neighbor; Lylah admits she wasn't always sure Noah was her child's father, and he won't accept responsibility until a DNA test proves it.

Jerry Springer Your Sex Slayed

A client won't leave tap-dancing stripper Kayslay alone; Ashley tries to save her family by making a confession; Duke wants another chance with his girlfriend.

iCRIME With Elizabeth Vargas

Crimes from across the country that have been captured by ordinary people on their smartphones; stories of victims, witnesses, law enforcement and the videographers themselves.

Pictionary California Dreamin'

The TV version of the classic game featuring celebrity captains Raven-Symoné ("That's So Raven") and Gabrielle Ruiz ("Crazy Ex-Girlfriend").

KREM 2 News at 4 New

KREM 2 News at 5pm New

Court Cam

A murderer explodes in the courtroom; a defendant pulls out all the stops to convince the court he's insane; a teenage girl learns her fate during a controversial and historic trial.

KREM 2 News at 6

Local and regional news.

48 Hours The Psychiatrist and the Selfie New

Jacob Nolan, a young man who claims his psychiatrist manipulated him into trying to kill her ex-lover, speaks out.

The Conners Peter Pan, The Backup Plan, Adventures in Babysitting, and a River Runs Through It

The Conner home is decked out for Halloween, despite the leak in the roof that forces Dan and Louise to cancel their honeymoon; Becky surprises the newlyweds and takes them on a virtual adventure around the world.

The Conners Young Love, Old Love and Take This Job and Shove It

Darlene worries about Mark making friends at his new school; Mark turns to Ben for personal advice; Becky finds herself thriving in college and starts thinking about her future plans.

Masters of Illusion Flames, Floating, and Out of This World New

Featured magicians include Chipper Lowell, Reza, Eric Eaton, Joel Meyers, Adam Wylie and Trigg Watson.

World's Funniest Animals Episode 405 New

Commentary by Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Carmen Hodgson, Devon Werkheiser and Daniel Curtis Lee.

KREM 2 News 10 at 10 New

Extra New

Inside the entertainment newsgathering process, as reporters coast to coast break headlines, advance the stories of the day, and sit down with celebrities.

Access Hollywood New

An interview with Benny Blanco; Team USA track and field star Grant Holloway.

Mom Cottage Cheese and a Weird Buzz

Christy and Jill clash over a gambling debt; Bonnie's new hobby troubles Adam.

Mom Zombies and Cobb Salad

Bonnie struggles to keep her life together when she loses her job; Christy tries to help Bonnie get back on track.

Friends The One Where No One's Ready

In a race against the clock, Ross tries to get the gang dressed and ready for a black-tie benefit at the museum.

The King of Queens Sandwiched Out

The guys' neighborhood restaurant names a new sandwich after Deacon, so Doug determines to get some kind of food named after himself.

Seinfeld The Watch

Jerry tries to buy back the watch his parents gave him; George attempts to renegotiate his network deal.

Family Guy Into Harmony's Way

Fame gets to Peter's head when he and Quagmire form a singing/songwriting team.

Family Guy Christmas Guy

Peter fills Lois' dad with holiday spirit; Stewie tries to get the only thing he wants for Christmas.

TV Schedule for CW (KSKN) Spokane, WA (2024)


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