Vols, Lady Vols place 132 on 2024 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll (2024)

The University of Tennessee placed 132 student-athletes on the 2024 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll, according to a Tuesday release by the SEC office in Birmingham.

Forty-two members of the Tennessee rowing team made the list, followed by 20 members of the women's track & field team and Tony Vitello's national-title-winning baseball team. The softball team had 17 members on the list, followed by men's track & field with 12, men's golf and women's gold with six and men's tennis with three.

Tennessee had 9.24 percent of the student-athletes on the list, and since Tennessee was one of just 14 SEC teams — Texas and Oklahoma didn't count for the previous year —used to calculate the number, that meant the Vols and Lady Vols put significantly more than 1/14th of the athletes on the list.

Any student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on their institution's NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll, per the SEC office. The 2024 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll. It is based on grades from the 2023-24 summer, fall and spring terms. 

Thefollowing criteria were used for selecting team members:

(1) Astudent‐athletemust haveagrade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominatinginstitution.

(2) If astudent‐athleteattendssummerschool, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll.

(3) Student‐athleteseligiblefortheSEC HonorRollincludethosereceivinganathletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner) and non‐scholarship student‐athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons.

(4) Prior to being nominated, a student‐athlete must have successfully completed 24 semesteror 36quarter hours ofnon‐remedialacademiccredit towardabaccalaureate degree at the nominating institution.

(5) The student‐athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport's entire NCAA Championship segment.

Listed below are the Vols and Lady Vols student-athletes who made the list.


Colby Backus- Kinesiology; Drew Beam- Finance; Andrew Behnke- Business Analytics
Blake Burke- Sport Management; Reese Chapman- Sport Management; Aaron Combs- Management & Entrepreneurship; Kirby Connell- Agricultural Leadership, Communication & Education (Master's); Dylan Dreiling- Management; Hunter Ensley- Sport Management;
Jerry "JJ" Garcia- Therapeutic Recreation; Austin Hunley- Finance; Christian Moore- Retail & Consumer Sciences; Ethan Payne- Sport Management (Master's); Brady Robertson- Sport Management; AJ Russell- Business Analytics; Zander Sechrist- Therapeutic Recreation; Hunter Sloop- Sport Management; Cal Stark- Journalism & Electronic Media; Charlie Taylor- Business Administration (Master's); Kavares Tears- Sport Management

Bryce Lewis- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Laurent Desmarchais- Sport Management; Jake Hall- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Josh Hill- Sport Management; Lance Simpson- Business Management; Evan Woosley-Reed- Sport Management

Angela Arora- Management; Manassanan Chotikabhukkana- Sport Management
Bailey Davis- Economics; Vanessa Gilly- Finance; Kayla Holden- Sport Management; Caroline Patterson- Sport Management

Sarah Abrams- Sport Management; Kayla Anderson- Supply Chain Management; Audrey Bast- Sustainability; Beatrice Bernard- Philosophy; Alyssa Biernat- Political Science; Maiya Birdling- Psychology; Casey Chronister- Mechanical Engineering; Gracie Condon- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Megan Czarnecki- Kinesiology; Alice Fahey- Sport Management; Riley Ferdelman- Marketing; Meg Flanagan- Nutrition; Mykayla Fluster- Psychology & Sociology; Erin Gifford- Business Analytics; Emersen Head- Nursing; Evelyn Hedrick- Biosystems Engineering; Megan Hewison- Management and Human Resources (Master's); Sophie Hill- Psychology; Laila Irigoyen- Pre-Professional Programs; Sheya Lavin- Marketing; Allison Lea- Art; Casey Lenihan- University Undecided; Bernadette Lombardi– Audiology & Speech Pathology; Madelynn Long- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications; Natalia Loram- Political Science; Stella Mirkovic- English; Hannah Offutt- English; Alex Pidgeon- Recreation/Sport Management; Sasha Radovanovic- Finance (Master's); Lauren Reboul- Advertising/PR; Paige Reymann- Kinesiology; Katie Rice- Architecture; Hannah Richardson- Neuroscience; Grace Rickman- Global Studies; Emma Seawright- Neuroscience; Hannah Smith- Graphic Design
Channing Taner- Communication Studies; Maylie Valiquette- Marketing; Elizabeth Walley- Management and Human Resources (Master's); Grace Wolfenbarger- Sociology; Kiana Worobey- Pre-Health Professions; Logan Yates- Nutrition

Amanda Ahlin- Forestry; Jamison Brockenbrough- Hospitality & Tourism Management; Mackenzie Donihoo- Sociology; McKenna Gibson- Sociology; Payton Gottshall- Teacher Education/Special Education; Grace Keene- Hospitality & Tourism Management; Jackie Kirkpatrick- Kinesiology; Giulia Koutsoyanopulos- English; Kiki Milloy- Business Administration; Charli Orsini- Audiology & Speech Pathology; Taylor Pannell- Sport Management; Karlyn Pickens- Sport Management; Camryn Sarvis- Sport Management; Katie Taylor- Journalism & Electronic Media; Olivia Underwood- Kinesiology; Rylie West- Journalism & Electronic Media; Ryleigh White- Special Education

Angel Diaz- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications; Shunsuke Mitsui- Sport Management; Johannus Monday- Political Science

Esther Adeshina- Management; Lauren Anzalotta- Sociology; Catherine Aulia- Kinesiology; Leyla Britez Risso- Exploratory; Eleonora Molinaro- Kinesiology; Elza Tomase- Hospitality & Tourism Management

Yaseen Abdalla- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Canaan Anderson- Aerospace Engineering; Peyton Davis- Mechanical Engineering; Clement Ducos- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Rasheeme Griffith- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Javonte' Harding- Sport Management; Nate Kawalec- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications; Jacob Lewis- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's); Sam McLendon- Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (Master's)
Eli Nahom- Mechanical Engineering (Master's)
Calvin Wetzel- Computer Science (Master's)
Yordanos Zelinski- Communication Studies

Msgana Araya- Philosophy; Carolyn Barksdale- Kinesiology; Kylah Buckle- Public Health; Allison Buemi- Kinesiology; Ellison Colarossi- Education; Jette Davidson– Marketing/Supply Chain Management; Brooke Dixon- Marketing; Kendall Ford- Finance; Kayla Gholar- Psychology; Emma Kate Hamby- Chemical Engineering; Andie-Marie Jones- Nuclear Engineering; Joella Lloyd- Sport Psychology; Jonah Ross- Psychology; Sarah Schmitt- Economics/Finance; Jacious Sears- Psychology; Maia Stewart- Nursing; Rachel Sutliff- Mechanical Engineering; Callie Tucker- Public Health; Javonya Valcourt- Information Sciences; Mikele Vickers- Psychology

Vols, Lady Vols place 132 on 2024 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll (2024)


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