Why was pregnant Barbie discontinued? (2024)

Why was pregnant Barbie discontinued?

Midge The Pregnant Barbie Scandalized Parents

Which pregnant Barbie was discontinued?

But when preggo Midge hit the market in 2002, customers freaked out over the idea that little kids would be playing with a pregnant doll, and she was quickly pulled from Walmart shelves across the country that same year, according to the Associated Press.

What is the pregnant Barbie scandal?

Midge was sold "pregnant" with Nikki, who was a tiny baby inside Midge's magnetic removable womb. This led to some controversy with some consumers saying that the doll was inappropriate for children, or that it promoted teen pregnancy.

Why were some Barbie dolls discontinued?

Along with Margot Robbie's titular doll and Ryan Gosling's Ken, we see discontinued toys from bygone eras of Mattel, all of them pulled from shelves for a host of reasons: marketing blunders, parental uproar, widespread controversy.

Was Midge the only pregnant Barbie?

There has never been a pregnant Barbie doll. There was, however a pregnant midge doll which is Barbies best friend, but it didn't go over with parents and they took it off the market.

Did Mattel discontinue pregnant Barbie?

Pregnant Midge

The latter version included a Midge doll who had a baby inside her magnetic, removable belly. Pregnant Midge was discontinued by 2005, after controversy about whether the doll was appropriate for children and how she was presented. Earring Magic Ken.

Do they still make the pregnant Barbie?

There has never been a pregnant Barbie doll. There was, however a pregnant midge doll which is Barbies best friend, but it didn't go over with parents and they took it off the market.

Why girls are rejecting the new curvy Barbie?

“The most commonly identified reason for not wanting to play with the curvy doll was her larger size,” Dr Harriger said. Curvy Barbie is similar in height to petite Barbie, but has a more rounded stomach, thicker legs and no gap between her thighs. She is still larger than the average woman.

When did pregnant Barbie get discontinued?

Like Allan, Midge enjoyed a couple of resurrections in the '80s and '90s. But her time in the spotlight came to an abrupt halt in 2002 when a pregnant Midge (who we see in Barbie) was sold. The belly was a magnet that kids could remove, and when they did, they'd find a small, removable baby figurine inside Midge.

Is there an overweight Barbie?

She is "curvy" Barbie, actually. But "curvy" is code for fat, though Mattel is too polite to say so.

Why was the pregnant Barbie recalled?

Midge's run as the youthful, freckled sidekick has been sporadic and at times turbulent, with only a handful of releases in the '60s, before she resurfaced in the '80s and '90s. Then, a pregnant version of the doll was unceremoniously pulled from store shelves in 2002 amid fears she was promoting teen motherhood.

What is the rarest Barbie doll ever?

1 Original Release Barbie Doll

While she may not have the highest sale price, or a gown made of diamonds, or a limited run, the original 1959 Barbie doll from when the icon we know and love now first debuted is one of the rarest Barbies in the world.

Was there a sugar daddy Barbie?

Mattel released the dapper gentleman that is Sugar Daddy Ken in 2009 as a special edition doll exclusive to the Barbie 50th anniversary line, and one reportedly meant to appeal to adult collectors.

Did Barbie ever have a baby?

Barbie was childfree. She was invented to be that way. Her creator, Ruth Handler, way back in 1959, was disheartened to find that the only dolls her own daughter could play with were baby dolls.

Who is Barbies boyfriend?

Ken Carson is a character who was introduced in 1961 as Barbie's boyfriend. He was created by Ruth Handler, and she probably named Ken after her son Kenneth Handler.

Was there a weird Barbie?

The official Weird Barbie doll created by Mattel is completely modeled after McKinnon's character. The doll was designed by Javier Meabe, Mattel's lead product designer.

Why was the pooping Barbie dog discontinued?

The Mattel toy recall is making big news this week and part of the recall includes some toys that include small magnets. Apparently some kids are sticking the magnets in their mouths and swallowing them. Lesson: Magnets + intestines = bad mix.

Why was Oreo Barbie controversial?

Released in 2001, this Barbie featured an OREO purse to encourage study time and snack time. However, the Afro American version of the doll did not go down well as Oreo is considered a derogatory term of Afro Americans who date and marry white people.

What is the pregnant Barbie doll called?

The plot of the Barbie movie may still be shrouded in mystery, but one controversial doll might just be the secret to it all. Her name is Midge. She's pregnant. Her belly is partially made of metal, and it detaches.

Did Barbie get divorced?

"However, fans saw the divorce as the forgone conclusion to a loveless, mismatched relationship." Barbie dated Australian surfer dude Blaine for a while, but she ended up getting back with Ken seven years later, on Valentine's Day 2011.

Why was earring Magic Ken discontinued?

Earring Magic Ken was discontinued and recalled after being associated with the gay community. Earring Magic Ken also appears in his signature purple vest. In the 1990s, Mattel attempted to give Ken an updated look.

What is the controversy with Growing Up Skipper?

Modern (1975–present)

In 1975, Growing Up Skipper was released. The gimmick of the doll, which led to much controversy in the newspapers, was that if Skipper's arm was rotated, the doll would become an inch taller and small breasts would appear on her rubber torso.

Why did Barbie Girl get sued?

Mattel didn't have a strong case for copyright infringement, since the "Barbie Girl" video doesn't contain any actual Barbie dolls or images, but the company sued over the use of the trademarked word “Barbie” and the use of “Barbie pink,” a trademarked color.

Did they change Barbie's body?

At 38 years old, Really Rad Barbie's body is redesigned to better reflect the fashion of the time. That means slimmer hips, a wider waistline, and a smaller bust, according to Mattel, which wants Barbie “to have more of a teenage physique” for her “hip-huggers to look right.”

What is Barbie doll syndrome?

​What is Barbie doll syndrome? ​ "It is a phenomenon in which individuals experience heightened insecurities due to unrealistic beauty standards set by the media and society," explains psychotherapist Dr. Chandni Tugnait on Instagram.


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