The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)

THE PLAIN DEALER, WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 1990 WEATHER in Information provided by Accu-Weather, Inc. The Accu-Weather forecast is aired 60 times daily on 4 The week ahead in the Cleveland area Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Clouds and Intervals of clouds Some Breezy, Clouds, cooler, sunshine, cool. and sun. sunshine. showers likely.

lingering showers. High 65, Low 45 High 67, Low 49 High 71, Low 54 High 71, Low 51 High 67, Low 49 TODAY'S WEATHER 4 Today will continue to be cool with intervals of clouds and sunshine. A brief passing shower will occur in the afternoon. High 65. Lake-shore high temperature near 60.

Wind will be north at 8-16 mph. Tonight will be partly cloudy and 4 cool. Low around 45. 4 TOMORROW'S FORECAST will be cool with clouds and sunshine; a shower cannot be ruled out at some point. High 67, but a few deAgrees cooler near the lake.

Wind tomorrow will be variable at 6-12 mph. row night will bring some cloudiness. 49. Wind will be light and variable. EXTENDED FORECAST Friday will bring some sun.

High 71. However, a storm system approaching from the west will bring increasing clouds Friday night into Saturday. Showers will arrive late Saturday. Clouds and a shower will linger for the end of the weekend. 4 ON THE ROAD For what to do in Northeast Ohio, phone 3 431-7000.

OHIO WEATHER City Tues. Today Thurs. Frt. Akron pc Ashtabula Chillicothe pc Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Dayton Findlay Mansfield Marietta pc Toledo Youngstown Zanesville Neighboring Cities Erie, PA WV Richmond, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Wheeling, WV 9 Letter indications: sunny: pc, partly cloudy; cloudy; sh, showers; thunderstorms; rain; st, snow flurries; en, snow; ice.

REGIONAL WEATHER NE Ohio, NW and N.Y.: Today will be cool with a passing shower. There will be more clouds in Western New York. Highs 60-65. Tonight will be partly cloudy and cool. Lows 41-46.

Tomorrow will be partly sunny with a brief shower possible. Highs 63-68. Central and SE Ohio, SW and Israel up the peace march and put the whole region on the verge of a new bloody About 10,000 Soviet Jews arrived in Israel last month. Mubarak said the immigrants should not be settled in the West Bank and Gaza Strip or in Arab East Jerusalem the sake of peace and for the interests of Israel and the Arab nations" In Baghdad, Iraq, Arab foreign ministers who have gathered to prepare for a meeting Monday Jinked the deaths of the Palestindans to what they said were Israeli attempts to push Arabs out of the occupied lands to make room for Soviet immigrants. The seven Palestinians were gunned down by a lone Israeli who officials said was an emotionally disturbed former soldier discharged for disciplinary reasons.

Police identified him as Ami 21. A tour of the West Bank yesterday found towns deserted as Arab were confined to their homes by a curfew enforced by the presence of multiple army checkpoints and roadblocks. In Washington, President Bush extended personal condolences to the families of the Palestinians killed and called on the Israeli army "to act with maximum restraint." Bush also said the political probHems at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict must be addressed urgently and a peace process opened that involves all parties. "The United States' honestly held YESTERDAY (through 10 p.m.) High temperature 60 at 6:00 p.m. Low temperature 46 at 6:00 a.m.

(Monday High 56 Low 47) Temperature departure from normal: Yesterday: -7 Month: Year: Hourly Temperatures 7 a.m. 48 3 p.m. 56 8 a.m. 48 4 p.m. 9 a.m.

50 5 p.m. 10 a.m. 53 6 p.m. 11 a.m. 54 7 p.m.

12 noon 58 8 p.m. 1 p.m. 55 9 p.m. 2 p.m. 58 10 p.m.

51 Precipitation none Month to date 4.79* normal 2.31° Year to date 17.26° normal 13.30" Barometer at 30.10° TODAY Normal high temperature Normal low temperature 50 High temperature last year 63 Low temperature last year 52 Record high temperature 87 in 1962 Record low temperature 34 in 1961 COMFORT FACTORS TODAY Humidity at noon Barometer at noon 30.06', steady Apparent temperature: 8 a.m. 47 noon 58 p.m. 65 Air quality moderate Today's Forecast Seattles CLOUDS Billings Minneapolis PARTLY New York SUNNY Chicago Cleveland San Francisco Denver Kansas COOL Los Angeles Atlanta Paso SUNNY HOT 100 Houston FRONTS Miami COLD WARM STATIONARY NATIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY: The weather will remain damp in the Pacific Northwest and New England today, with showers continuing. A few showers and thunderstorms will occur from 2 SHOWERS FIT -STORMS Minnesota to Illinois. Thunderstorms will drench Southern Florida as well.

The Mid-Atlantic states will dry out, and dry weather will RAIN 005 SNOW continue in the Southwest with a hot afternoon. Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature lines are highs for the day. Forecasted temperatures are given for selected cities. 1990 Accu-Weather, Inc.

WORLD TEMPERATURES. VACATION TEMPERATURES Today's conditions Acapulco Lima Amsterdam Lisbon Athens London Auckland Madrid Bangkok Manila Barbados Mexico City Barcelona Milan Beijing Montreal Beirut Moscow Belgrade Munich Bombay Nassau Bonn New Delhi Berlin Oslo Bermuda Ottawa Brussels Paris Buenos Aires Perth. Cairo Reykjavik Cancun Rio Casablanca Riyadh Copenhagen Rome Dubai San Juan Dublin Sao Paulo Edmonton Sapporo Florence Seoul Freeport Shanghai Geneva Singapore Glasgow Stockholm Hamburg Sydney Helsinki Taipei Hilo Tokyo Hong Kong Toronto Honolulu Vienna Istanbul Warsaw Jerusalem Winnipeg Karachi Vancouver Kiev Venice pc Kingston Yakutsk Leningrad Zurich Law magnitude that the county Board of Health was becoming concerned." Donna Childs, health inspector for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, could not be reached yesterday. But Councilman Bill Cervenik said Herak's legislation was for the birds. He and Councilmen Joe Dallos and Dan Flowers opposed the ordinance, which passed on first reading.

"To put this' restriction on bird feeders is just wrong," Cervenik said. "It should have been cussed more, and we should have worked on an education program to eliminate the rodents and not eliminate the bird feeders." Cervenik said he could tolerate a 4-foot minimum height for feeders, but he doesn't think the idea of the city controlling the design of the Youths adults to communicate better with children and become more attuned to their problems before they become crises. "A lot of it is attitude," Helge said. "Sexual activity and dropping out of school is not that unusual in rural settings. There's an acceptance of low se A kid has to be really deviant to get any attention." Rural culture may contribute to the problem, she said.

In many rural states, conditions that can breed school failure have worsened in recent years. Poverty, family instability, depression and suicide, teen pregnancy and alcohol abuse have increased as farming, petroleum and lumber industries have declined. Although many note the intimacy and caring attitude of many rural A Rights renovated commercial buildings be accessible. Disabled Americans also would be guaranteed entry to public accommodations, including; hotels, retail stores, transportation terminals, recreational facilities and restaurants. rest House beat back two attempts to exempt commuter rail NATIONAL TEMPERATURES Yesterday's extremes, continental U.S.: Death Valley, Cast: 104; Newport, 27 City Tues Today Thurs.

Fri. Albany pc Albuquerque Amarillo pc Anchorage Asheville Aspen pc Atlanta pc Atlantic City pc Austin pc Baltimore Bitings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston pc Brownsville Buttalo Burlington Caribou pc Casper Charleston, SC pc Charleston, Charlotte Cheyenne Chicago Columbia, SC Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit pc pc Dubuque Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff Hartford Helena Houston Indianapolis Jackson, MS pc Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Lexington Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Madison Memphis Miami Milwaukee Mobile Minneapolis Montgomery Nashville New Orient New York Norfolk Oklahoma City Omaha AT Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME Portland. OR Providence Raleigh Rapid City Reno Richmond pc Rochester Rutland Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego pc pc San Francisco Santa Fe St. Ste.

Marie Seattle Shreveport Sioux Falls Spokane Syracuse pc Tampa Topeka Traverse City pc Tucson Washington Wichita Wilmington Letter indications: sunny: pc, partly cloudy; cloudy; sh, showers; t-storms; rain; st, snow flurries; sn, snow; ice. 3 TODAY'S WEATHER CONDITIONS AND HIGH TEMPERATURES Huron TORONTO Lake BUFFALO Michigan DETROIT CHICAGO TOLEDO CLEVELAND FL Wayne PITTSBURGH COLUMBUS INDIANAPOLIS CINCINNATI Huntington W.Va.: Today and tomorrow will bring Highs tomorrow 68-73. Tonight will be intervals of clouds and sunshine. A partly cloudy. Lows 45-50.

shower cannot be ruled out each afternoon. Highs today 65-70. Tonight will be partly cloudy. Lows 45-50. NW Ohio, and Chicago: Today and tomorrow will bring clouds and some sunshine with a shower in Northwestern Indiana and Chicago.

Highs today 66-71. SW Ohio, and Today and tomorrow will bring intervals of clouds and sunshine with just a stray shower each day. Highs today 68-73. Tomorrow's highs 72-77. Tonight will be dry and comfortable.

Lows 46-51. A Palestinian woman overcome by tear gas receives treatment after crowd outside ther U.S. Consulate yesterday in east Jerusalem. view is that in the absence of a peace process, continuing violence is said Margaret Tutwiler, the State Department's chief spokesman. Tutwiler said the United States is AP Israeli police sprayed the gas into a LAKE FORECAST A north wind will average 8 to 16 knots today.

Wind tonight will diminish to 6 to 12 knots. Wind tomorrow will be variable at 7 to 14 knots. Wave heights will average 1 to 3 feet today through tomorrow. The visibility will be generally clear to the horizon today through tomorrow. However, the visibility will be less than three miles in any afternoon showers today and tomorrow.

TODAY'S ALMANAC First O. Fut Last Q. May 24 May 31 June 8 June 15 Risen Seta Sun 6:02 a.m. 8:47 p.m. Moon 4:49 a.m.

8:18 p.m. Mercury 5:13 a.m. 6:39 p.m. Venus 421 am 5:15 p.m. Mars 3:17 a.m.

2:54 p.m. Jupiter 8:39 a.m. 11:42 p.m. Saturn 12:28 a.m. 9:55 a.m.

Uranus 11:27 p.m. 8:36 a.m. not seeking to place blame for the violence on the Israeli government or on Shamir, who has refused to endorse a U.S. plan calling for the opening of talks between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. But she said the situation is "crying out for a peace process, for the preservation of hope of these people, for a process to be found to, hopefully, stop the violence that we're all seeing on our TV screens." Palestinians blame Shamir's tough policies JERUSALEM (AP) The hardline policies of Prime Minister YitzMak Shamir have created an atmoSphere of hatred that incites antiArab violence such as the slaying of seven Palestinian workers by an Israeli, Palestinians say.

They charge that Israel's "iron fist" handling of the 29-month-old Palestinian uprising, and the government's failure to begin peace talks, have increased anti-Arab senliment. In addition, Israelis who attack Palestinians face lenient punishment, Palestinian Icaders said. woot Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's deputy foreign minister, said the U.S. State Department's call for restraint in handling the Palestinian riots that followed the massacre was "understandable but unwarranted." "I think the U.S. government and American people understand that this was a tragedy we had nothing to do with and that we are doing we can to restore tranquility," Netanyahu said.

He accused the Palestine Liberation Organization and other Palestinian groups of "fanning the flames and sustaining the violence." feeders will fly. "It makes it even worse to have a $500 fine for not having a conforming bird feeder," he said. Haffey said she doubted that any non-conforming bird benefactor would actually wind up with the maximum fine. She reiterated that she would not be going on "birdfeeder patrol." "I don't have room to impound bird feeders," she said. "I think when people understand what the consequences could be, I think they'll cooperate." After council's vote, Council President Joseph Farrell jokingly commended his colleagues for having the courage to handle such a weighty issue.

But Haffey said the problem had to be taken seriously before it gets any worse. "If we all had an acre of land, who would care?" she asked. "But when you have house on top of house, it doesn't work that well in a city environment like ours." "There is no doubt that the Israeli government led by Shamir leads to such catastrophe," proPLO leader Faisal Husseini said after the slayings Sunday of seven unarmed Palestinian workers by an Israeli civilian. "The atmosphere created by such a government is But Shamir and his supporters have said Sunday's violence was the act of a deranged man. They also accused Palestinian extremists of using the massacre to rekindle the flagging rebellion against Israeli rule of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"Anyone wishing to see in this settings, the flip side is that resi- dents may be less willing to side with an abused or neglected child against a parent they have known for 3 No less an obstacle is lack of social, psychological and family counseling services in remote, poor rural districts compared with urban and suburban areas, Helge said. Lack of services is especially serious for disabled children in need of special education in isolated rural districts. Helge cited a 1987 Wyoming Department study which concluded that about half of the predominantly rural children could be considered at risk for one or more reasons. In an article published last year in the Rural Special Education Quarterly, Helge wrote that many rural students operate in a "victim mode. Accustomed to being victimized at home, they have a very low level of hope that the future could be any different." mad murder an expression of Israeli government policy and intentions is maliciously and viciously distorting the picture," Shamir told parliament members from his right-wing Likud bloc at a meeting yesterday.

He pledged that his government would pursue peace efforts in the Middle East but said: "We don't want to live by our sword, but we shall not be quick in throwing it out as long as it allows us to live in security." Shamir has headed a caretaker government since the Likud-Labor Party coalition collapsed March 15 over Labor's insistance on negotiations with the Palestians. systems and transit systems in communities of less than 200,000 from the legislation. Under the bill, bus, subway and commuter rail systems purchasing new vehicles must buy vehicles that are accessible to the disabled. Railroad operators. including Amtrak, would be required within five years to have at least one vehicle per train that is accessible.

The bill would require telephone companies to provide relay services so speech- and hearing-impaired individuals can use their systems. 90.

The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)


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Plain Dealer Publishing Co. provides content and publishes in print seven days a week.

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Word Forms Origin Noun. Filter (0) Someone who interacts or does business straightforwardly and honestly.

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The huge majority of people who read The Plain Dealer do so by subscribing, but people who buy the paper on newsstands will see higher prices starting Monday: $5 on Sundays and $3 the rest of the week. It's part of our continuing effort to sustain local journalism for the long term.

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer was founded as a weekly newspaper on January 7, 1842 by Joseph Gray. By 1845 it had transitioned to an evening daily. Joseph Gray died in 1862, and his paper was controlled by a series of editors until Liberty Holden purchased the paper in 1885.


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